Ronde Script Workshop - Friday, June 21, 2019

I’ll be teaching a one day workshop at San Francisco Center for the Book on Friday, June 21.

This one-day workshop introduces an easy-to-learn, modern day script based on a late 16th century upright calligraphy hand. Ronde is done with a broad edged metal pen, is highly adaptable to present day usage, and can be done with a fountain pen or marker. I teach the basics of broad-edge pen technique and all students, whether beginning or advanced, begin by ruling a page with guidelines and practicing the letters. We will go on to explore various forms and modifications of this script via demos and exercises.

Ronde is more round in shape than Italic; it is cursive and lends itself to rhythmic writing. Ronde is great for place cards, menus, and is often seen in retail logo design for menus, food and fashion brands.

The Ronde Script workshop offers a writing hand that is adaptable to all digital media. Once you know the structure, you can write this script with any writing tool.

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